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The winner is... Jen from Sydney!

Well done to our 2013 12 week challenge winner, Jen.  

“I was at my heaviest I’ve ever been at the beginning of the 12 weeks and after Easter really felt like I needed to do something about it. I was falling into a really bad pattern of buying McDonalds and takeaway Indian / Italian all the time with my husband as we kept leaving dinner to the last minute and eating out on the weekends. I then got a blood test check up done and found that my cholesterol was extremely high and that I needed to do something about it or would need to start taking tablets.

I’ve been with Booty Camp for over 3 years as I started before getting married. I’ve never been one for exercise but loved the idea of it being outdoors and all women, I definitely felt better exercising but was just plateauing with my weight and then started getting bigger.

I was really happy with my final results as I’ve lost a total of 27.5 cms and 9.2 kgs AND most importantly my cholesterol levels have gone down too with EYS and I’m definitely continuing with the things that I’ve learnt over the last 12 weeks.”

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