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Terms & Conditions


Booty Camp Course participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of their course commencement date.


  • Your course booking is not confirmed until Booty Camp have finalized, received and confirmed:
    • Your full course fee (unless other arrangements have been made with Booty Camp)
    • Your completed enrolment form with Health & Fitness screener


Payment is required in full (or a completed Direct Debit must be set up) prior to commencement of your Booty Camp course.  All our Booty Camp courses incur an administration fee of $60 that is included in all our course costs.

Direct Debit Payments

By accepting our Terms and Conditions you are entering into an agreement to pay for your Booty Camp sessions on a weekly basis for the duration of the time period selected by your trainer and you must provide a 4 week notice if you need to cancel with a minimum of 6 week commitment.  This time period will commence on the Thursday following your enrolment for the specified time period.  (If you have enrolled into a future dated course the payments will still commence immediately and will finish at the end of the contracted term even if your course has not finished)

Insufficient funds in your account will attract a penalty fee of $10.00 on each and every occasion a transaction fails.

The penalty for stopping authority on your credit card without acceptance from Booty Camp is $199.00.

Once you have committed to a Direct Debit agreement no changes can be made to the term of the contract.

Direct Debit payments cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable, except as expressly set out in these terms and conditions. You will not be able to terminate your Direct Debit agreement prior to the end of the subscribed term, and you will not be granted a refund. If you have chosen to pay the subscription fee in instalments, you acknowledge that your account will continue to be debited until the end of the subscribed term.

Changes and alterations

  • Booty Camp reserve the right to vary (including using a substitute trainer) or cancel your course if necessary. In the most unlikely event of cancellation, Booty Camp will;
    • provide an alternative course date to you or your course fee will be refunded in full (or in the case of mid course will be partially refunded).
    • If your trainer(s) are unable to take a course session for any reason then Booty Camp, at their discretion, will offer you an alternative session.


If you cancel your booking for any reason listed below, then the following will apply:
Cancellation 7 days or more prior to your course commencement date;
– a full refund of your fees minus credit card charges
Cancellation within 7 days of your course commencement date;
– A refund less an administration fee will be refunded to you.
Cancellation within 24 (business) hours or less of your course commencement date:
– A course credit will be given to you, to attend any Booty Camp course once within a 3 (three) month period).
Once your course has started no refund or credit will be granted
Punctuality & attendance

  • You must make adequate travel arrangements to arrive in time for your session start time each day.
  • If you are late, the session/course will start without you.
  • If you miss all or part of your course (for reasons including, without limitation, lateness, illness, injury or work commitments) then you will not be entitled to a refund of any part of your course fee
  • Booty Camp will not offer any make up sessions (except at the managers discretion)
  • No credit for missed sessions/courses will be issued

Medical clearance

  • If you do have a medical condition;
  • You are strongly advised to seek a medical practitioner’s advice before booking into a course.
  • The Booty Camp medical form must be completed by both course participant and a registered medical practitioner and returned to your chosen course correspondent at least 7 days prior to your course commencement date.
  • If you do have a medical condition and are unable to obtain clearance from a registered Medical practitioner then you cannot commence your chosen course.
  • In such circumstances;
  • A full refund of your course fee (if paid) will be given, provided that you give Booty Camp notice of your failure to obtain medical clearance at least 7 days prior to your course commencement date.
  • If you do not give Booty Camp such notice (within the specified time frame) then:
  • you will forfeit 50% of your course fee; and 50% of your course fee will be issued to you as a credit for a future course run by Booty Camp.
  • If you fail to give any notice and the course has commenced no refund will be issued.
Pregnancy Policy
  • If you are to find you are pregnant. (Very exciting). Please let Bootycamp know as soon as possible. Also Please advise your doctor that modifications to your training can be provided with clearance from you doctor so that you can continue your training. If there are any restrictions or specific changes that need to be made, you will need to provide it to Bootycamp and your trainer before continuing training, and this is for your own safety and your new baby.
  • If your doctor advises that you are not able to train for a period of your pregnancy or the whole time. A doctors certificate needs to be provided stating this. Once provided a credit will be added to your file and will be valid for 12mths from the date stated on certificate, or your credit can be transferred to someone else who would be able to use Bootycamp services.
Safety rules & regulations
  • You must comply with the safety regulations and instructions of Booty Camp at all times;
  • If at any time your course trainer considers that you are jeopardizing the safety of others and/or disrupting the course, then you may be asked to leave and you will not be entitled to either a refund or credit for future course’s with Booty Camp.


Booty Camp will not be held responsible for:
any injury or illness you suffer as a result of any on-going medical condition or a poor standard of health or fitness;

Informed Consent

Booty Camp classes are non-transferable and can not be cancelled within 1 week of course start date. Missed classes will not be refunded so please try to attend all of them. Booty Camp reserves the right to cancel or change courses, including trainers, if necessary. Every attempt will be made to minimise the risk of any of these happening by careful evaluation of preliminary personal health and fitness information and by close monitoring during the sessions. You may withdraw your consent at any time and end your participation in any or all of the sessions. I have read, understood and will answer the health screener questions fully and truthfully. I agree to the terms and conditions and I am aware it is my responsibility to consult with my personal physician regarding my medical fitness to engage in exercise. I do hereby intend to be legally bound for myself and waive release of any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against the training facility and the exercise professional administering the exercise program provided to me. I am aware that I can withdraw at any time from the session and that this document in no way limits my rights at law from any damage that might occur due to negligence on the part of the trainer.

Please also refer to our FAQ’s for further details of our Terms and Conditions.