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Summer Bodies are made in the Winter!

The sun is coming up later and disappearing earlier.  The temperature has dropped a few degrees.  Yes, we can certainly feel the winter creeping into our bones.  It’s the time of year when all your exercise mojo can a go-go.
You miss 1 session, which morphs into a weeks worth, which morphs into a months worth and before you can say “It’s too cold to train” winter has rolled into spring and you are reaching for the swimsuits and flirty dresses.

We thought it would be timely to share some tips to help you keep the mojo on flow during the colder months so that you are feeling fabulous, and NOT freaked out, come September…

  1. Be Prepared – Have all of your clothes sorted before you head off to bed.  If you are Booty Camping in the morning you can just slip them straight on or if you are Booty Camping after work have them all ready in your workout bag ready to take with you in the morning.
  2. Layering is the key.  Instead of wearing just one layer wear a couple of layers and take a layer off when you start to warm up.  Even invest in a great pair of gloves and a warm scarf – these two things will help you stay nice and warm and are easy to remove when you do feel the warmth.
  3. You WILL burn more calories just by working out in the winter.  Our bodies have to work just that little bit harder to keep us nice and warm so you get the benefit!
  4. Set yourself a goal – whether its training for an event or working towards that summer bikini body a goal will keep you focused.  Share your goal with your Booty Camp trainer and they will also keep you accountable.
  5. Chose your attitude (something I always tell my kids) – say to yourself before you head out during the colder months, “I love the feeling of the cool crisp air, it makes you feel so alive”!

Most importantly love to enjoy working out in the cooler months.  I promise you, come Summer you bikini will thank you for it.