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Booty Camper of the Year 2012! The stroke was definitely a big wake up call!

Angela Baker: Booty Camper of the Year 2012

I would like to nominate my good friend and fellow Booty Camper – Angela, for Booty Camper of the year.

Ange has been doing Booty Camp for over 18 months now at St Kilda and to her credit is looking amazing.

Ange first started doing Booty Camp back in 2011.  Prior to that she had been working long days in a stressful role, which meant that, not only did she not have time to exercise, but she didn’t have the time to cook a decent meal for herself when she finally got home at the end of the day.  Finally it all came to a head one night when she had a minor stroke and had to be taken to emergency.  Luckily for Ange it was only a minor one and the physical impact of the stroke was only slight.

The stroke was definitely a big wake up call for Ange and she realised that she needed to make some big changes in her life.

She immediately reduced her work load and put her health as one of the most important parts of her life.  She signed up to Booty Camp, started going for a walk at least 3 times a week and began taking more care with her diet.  Before we knew it, the kilos started dropping off her.

It was about 6 months after Ange had signed up, that she finally managed to convince me to join Booty Camp with her.  Ange had been trying to get me to sign up since she had started, but I had the impression that I could lose weight on my own and was very apprehensive about having to keep up with a group of girls that had been exercising for ages, especially when the most exercise I had done at the time was going for a fast paced walk every few days.

When I started to see the difference in Ange and hear how happy she was, it was too hard to resist any longer and I signed up at the end of 2011.  I guess you could say she was an inspiration.

12 months on, I feel great about myself and can only imagine that Ange does as well, given how far she has come.  We both still have a little way to go to get to our goal weights but even when we get there I imagine that we will both continue with Booty Camp as we enjoy it so much.

Credit must also be given to our trainer Bridgett Watts who has been very supportive for the whole group.  Giving diet advice when we ask for it and tailoring the class to everyone’s different physical levels.  She’s made training enjoyable and productive at the same time for all of us.

As mentioned before, Ange has certainly been an inspiration and it is so good to see her more confident and enjoying life.  In my eyes she really does deserve to be Booty Camper of the Year and I hope that you can see that too!

Katie (St Kilda)