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Booty Camp’s guide to getting your Booty in shape for Skinny Jean season.

Is there anybody else out there who is just a little bit scared of the upcoming autumn/winter season?   Come on be honest.

Put yourself into this scenario… you have been checking out all the amazing fashions that are coming out, dare you say it, you are even loving the “grey’s” that are around.  Not the 50 shades (that’s a different article all together) but the cool, classy grey colours that have been teamed with yellow’s and whites that are gracing the clothing racks.  You find yourself browsing (ok and occasionally purchasing) and then you get this little strange butterfly feeling.  To start with you are not sure what it is and then you see it, its right there in front of you…the Skinny Jean!

Don’t worry it happens to a lot of us!  We worry about how we are going to fit into those jeans or jeggins or tights.  We have the answer right here!  Yep, we are going to be working our Booty’s off together and ensuring that we feel super sexy, cool and confident coming into autumn.

Now, I am not saying it is going to be easy but I know our Booty Camp girls are always up for a challenge!

After chatting to our amazing Booty Camp trainers we have selected below our 5 top tips to a totally toned Booty.

Then, because we can, we have included a workout you can do at home in only 5 minutes.  5 minutes – you can do that every day!

#1 – Look in the Mirror

When was the last time you checked out your Booty?  If you can see the area of your body that you are focusing on you are more likely to work harder.  Ok, I know your Booty is literally behind you and that makes it a little harder to look at.  However, exercise in tights or tight fitting shorts so when you do see a glimpse you can see what you are working out.  When we hide under loose clothes we don’t always focus as hard on getting results.

#2 – Work your Booty every time you walk

Each time you take a step, when one of your legs is behind you just leave that heal on the ground for as long as possible.  Contract your Booty and then step through by rolling your foot.  Sounds strange and does look a little like you are marching but it does work!

#3 – 5 X 30 a day!

That’s right girls. 5 exercises 30 reps a day.  Chose a time when you can do 30 reps of the following exercises every day.  It shouldn’t take you longer than 5 minutes.  We all have time for 5 minutes, don’t we?   Assuming you are awake for 13 hours 5 minutes is less than 1% of your day!  Write down the following exercises on a sticky note and pop onto your mirror or somewhere you will see it:

  1. Squats
  2. Left Leg Lunges
  3. Right Leg Lunges
  4. Left Side Squat
  5. Right Side Squat

If you are unsure of any of these exercises just ask your Booty Camp trainer to demonstrate. Finding this too easy ask your trainer to spice these 5 up a bit for you.

#4 – Negative image

Ok so this one is quite controversial but lets give it a go.  We would all like a perfectly toned Victoria Secret type Booty.  Sorry girls this is not always attainable.  By setting out with the goal to achieve that type of Booty we are sometimes open to self-sabotage.  Sayings go through our mind like “sure, that’s never going to happen” or “no matter how hard I work, my booty just isn’t going to look like that”.  Well, how about twisting that thought.  Have a picture in your mind of what you DON’T want your Booty to look like.  Keep that image in your mind every time you work toward getting your Booty nice and toned.

#5 – Weight it up!

Add some weights to your workout routine.  If you find you have been working your Booty for some time and feel you are ready to step it up, grab a body bar or some dumbbells to feel a little extra burn.  If you don’t have dumbbells or a body bar there are lots of things around the home you can use.  Grab a water bottle and fill it with coins or sand.  Just ensure that the lid is nice and tight so you don’t end up with it all over the place.