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Booty Camp Trainers not Sergeant Majors but they will get you results!

All Booty Camp Trainers are qualified to the highest level, they’re not just Group Trainers, they are also dedicated Personal Trainers and have Boxing Qualifications. They are fully insured, have First Aid Training, and just as importantly, are talented at training gals like you and achieving great results. We have both male and female trainers because we have learned over time that it doesn’t matter what gender the trainer is, as long as they are passionate about getting women fit. In fact a lot of our most popular trainers are boys (we just don’t let them actually join in with the classes). But if having a female trainer is important to you call the office and we will let you know where they are.

All Booty Camp trainers are specially chosen for their supportive approach to fitness training. They are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and want to partner with you as much as you will let them. Nothing makes a Trainer prouder than when one of their students becomes Booty Camper of the Year!

Finally, all Booty Camp Trainers are accountable. They want your feedback and you should feel very comfortable telling them directly, or us anonymously. If you want more or less of something, just ask and we will always aim to accommodate. And at the end of each course we ask all Booty Campers to complete a questionnaire on their trainer so we can keep giving them feedback to continually improve their training skills and the courses for our girls.

See our fantastic trainers Bios on the link below.

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