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Nov 20


Get your Booty Camp nominations in to win big!

It’s time to vote for the Booty CamperBooty Camp Trainer, and Booty Camp Class of the year. Use the form below to cast your vote and you, your trainer, or your entire class will receive some fantastic gifts.

Booty Camp Nominations

Use this form to cast your vote for the Booty Camper, Booty Camp Trainer, or Booty Camp Class of the year.
  • Select the category for you vote.
  • Put in the name of your nominated Booty Camper, Booty Camp Trainer, or Booty Camp class (time/day and location).
  • Tell us the story as to why you are nominating. The more inspirational, fun, or amazing your story - the better your chances.
  • Your email address. This is how we can contact you if you win!
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Why not take a ‘short course’ leading up to Christmas?

Here at Booty Camp we respect, and ‘love’ Christmas. We know it is a time of parties, a few glasses of bubbly and last minute commitments. Enrolling into one of our short courses will ensure

you have the best chance to still attend Booty Camp to keep you working hard so you can indulge a little. All Booty Camp courses will end on the 20th of December. That means

in the run up to Christmas we will be running s

horter courses to fit better your busy Christmas Schedule. It also means that for those of you who have been a little nervous about committing to a full course, it is a great time to get a taste and see just how much you’ll love


Whats more, they are fabulously priced and are located all around Australia! Flick your eyes below to see the dates, duration and prices.


Nov 25/26 :: 4 weeks :: New $200 / Re-enroll $170

Nov 18/19:: 5 weeks :: New $230 / Re-enroll $200

Dec 2/3       :: 3 weeks :: New $150 / Re-enroll $130

Dec 9/10    :: 2 weeks :: New $90 / Re-enroll $75

(As always there are special lower rates for our VIBC’s)
Click here to email to discuss our short courses, or use our contact form by clicking here