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Overcame eating disorders and learned to love her body

Meg McDowell: Booty Inspiration of the Year 2010

My name is Meg McDowell, I am 18 years old and have just commenced my second round of booty camp at Castle Hill with trainer Nathan Whaley.

Let me start off that I am not necessarily the most obvious candidate for this award & my story is not what you would expect to hear! I am not overweight and never have been. In fact it was all the opposite…

Throughout my adolescence, my self image & eating has always been a focus. I have always been conscious of looking good & ensuring that my weight and body was average-slim. However in my last year of high school, I succumbed to an Eating Disorder. For about 6 months, I would exercise for about 2 hours a day, attempt to eat less than 100 cals per day, and if I did binge or overeat- it would immediately result in purging. This destructive behaviour continued for several months and during that period, I went from about 59kgs (healthy size 8-10) to about 49kgs (a size 6 was too big for me!). I completely hated my body and myself and wanted to become even skinnier than what I was. I had a series of blood tests and heart monitor tests which revealed my body was slowly shutting down. My heart was experiencing irregular rhythmic patterns which, if I had continued, would have most likely resulted in a heart attack. My blood results were all very similar, I was low in almost everything.

It was after this massive wake up call and with the support of my friends, family & boyfriend that I was able to become the stronger & better person I am today.

So, whilst I may not have lost the most amount of weight through booty camp, nor am I the most improved in my fitness, I do know that Booty Camp has changed my attitude towards food, exercise, and most importantly; myself. I now love exercising and am not doing it to punish my body. Booty camp has made me learn that my body sits naturally & comfortably at my current healthy weight and it has made me feel great about myself!