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Inspirational locations make you want to train. It's not just how you train, its how much you want to.

Lets face it, if training in a box with 60 other people on treadmills worked for us, there would be no reason for booty camp. Just like real estate, when it comes to training its all about location, location, location. It's about a location that's convenient for you and that inspires you to get out there and do it when the TV (or bed) beckons.

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To find a class, simply use the drop downs below. We will give you the location closest to where you would like to train, and we'll show you the classes available for you.


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No Booty Camp Near You?


If we're not in a location near you, that's ok, Booty Camp can come to you. Just send us a quick email on where you would like to train.