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Booty Camp's voice of common sense

Ok the good news is you can lose weight. Absolutely, and its crazy simple.
The bad news is it will take work, because sorry gals, there isn’t a magic pill , 10 day diet plan, or shake that will make all your weight loss dream come true. Nor is there a body cream, a wrap or a special kind of massage.

But you do have everything it takes already. You need your brain, your body and some will power.
Cause, wait for it, the magic formula for weight loss can finally be revealed as EAT LESS & MOVE MORE. You do these two things and I promise you, you will lose weight, or if you are at a good healthy weight already, you will tone up and have less fat.

If you are already doing a Booty Camp, or about to start, then you have MOVE MORE covered. So this section of the web-site is designed to give you some help on the EAT LESS part.
At Booty Camp we don’t advocate massive calorie cuts, but we do believe in a lifestyle choice called ” clean eating”, which will enable your body to get all the calories, nutrients and flavor you need to have a healthy and fulfilling life, even at dinner time.

So, for those of us who have been brain washed or confused by all the different diet plans out there. Here’s the very-basics of how our body works. We put food in to our bodies as fuel (think of it like petrol in a car), and as we need energy to work, breathe, do Booty Camp, our body converts that energy into fuel and burns it. The more we MOVEthe more fuel we need, so the more fuel we burn. But this fuel comes with a very limited usage time. If the fuel is not burned in about 4 hours our body puts it into the storage tank (which usually sits around our hips, stomach, thighs and arms). And yes, you guess it, the only way our body can store fuel is as fat.

Now on the flip side we have a second fuel dilemma. Not only do we store fuel when its not used in time, our body also has an emergency button it presses when we don’t have enough fuel in our bodies. When the fuel tank is empty (either because we burned all the fuel, or it passed its use by time) our body switches into “famine mode” where it does two things – first it starts burning fuel more slowly and economically and secondly, if we are not very active, it stops burning fat and starts burning muscle instead (which it has determined we don’t use, hence the expression “use it or lose it”. However the good news is the opposite is also true, so if your body knows it needs that muscle to sustain your active lifestyle, it will increase the fat burning to preserve the muscle). And once it is in famine mode, its hard to get it out of it.
With me so far? Basically, only eat as much as you need for the next 4 hours and top it up every 4 hours.

Your body needs a basic amount of calories to survive – and for an average girl that’s roughly agreed to be around1500-1700 calories (of course there are loads of different opinions on this, some will go as high as 2000 which makes sense if you are really active or have done Booty Camp today, but no sensible or sustainable recommendation will have you below 1400). But basically the more you move, the more calories you burn.
You then need to split up those calories across your day in a way that means you have enough fuel for the next 4 hours, and can keep topping up every 4 hours. A good rule of thumb is 3 meals a day of about 400 calories a meal and then two snacks of 150-200 calories to make sure you never go too long without food.

Of course, its not all about calories, which is when we come back to the clean eating I mentioned earlier. Just like the different levels of petrol you can put in your car, there are superior and inferior foods. Cleaner foods burn faster and keep your engine powerful and efficient. A lot has been written about clean eating and its really worth reading more about if you are interested, but the very simple basics are

  • only eat foods your gran would recognize, avoid pre-packaged and modified food
  • replace white wherever you can with wholemeal or wholegrain.
  • Avoid sugars, where you need sweetness use honey
  • Eat less red meat and more white meats like turkey, pork and oily fish
  • Eat loads of veggies and fruit (its fills you up and it good for you)
  • Snack on nuts and fruit, not chocolate and cakes.

But to make it easy for you, we have created a 6 week diet plan to kick start your metabolism which follows our clean eating and calorie guidelines above. Its there for everyone to use, cause we don’t think healthy eating should be a secret. But you also don’t need to follow this diet to be successful just EAT LESS, EAT OFTEN & MOVE MORE.