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"I Have Goals For My Life Now"

Ingrid Schroder: Beautiful Bride and Booty camper of the Year Runner Up 2009

Training In: Freshwater
Training For: 1 year

My wake up call was the day I was asked by someone if I did weights on my arms.  To me it was clear that I didn’t but obviously my arms were quiet heavy and out of proportion that it appeared that way.  I then jumped on the scales which read 99kg.

I had looked in the mirror many times and not realised actually how overweight I was!  You would have thought being tight in a size 16 would make me realize but I was in denial, and wouldn’t go up a size so kept shopping until I found a 16 that fit.

It was reading 99kg, that I was realized the next number was 100kg and then where to from there??  I had also recently been become engaged to my boyfriend of 6 years at the time so was happy and in love, everything in life was good.  That’s when I decided I had a wedding to plan and I wasn’t going to be an overweight bride!!

So I joined a gym. I lost about 6 kilos on my own, but with 5 months to go until my wedding and a dress in the process of being made I needed more, so my sister suggested we join Booty Camp together and I have never looked back!

I met Francis, my trainer who has been a fantastic support and the other girls who I still train with almost 12 months later and we all get on really well. It was a hard session and I was at the back of the group. I wondered how I would ever manage to get through the sessions as I tried to control my breathing and without collapsing, but I did! The encouragement from Francis and the girls was amazing and really helped me.

After my first 6 weeks I had increased a whole level in the beep test, and was over the moon! My results have slowly increased in most 6 week blocks and I couldn’t be happier! Not only was I happy with my results, but as I person I had become more confident and mentally so much stronger than I could ever have imagined – believing that I can do anything!! Francis had said that “your body can do it, its in the mind” – So true!!

In 5 months of training, I continued to loose another 9 kilos and my wedding dress continued to be pulled in, to the dressmakers dismay

By the time I got to my wedding I was 15 kilos lighter and looked and felt so much healthier than I had been in a long time. Our wedding was a fantastic day! A huge party with everyone there and the honeymoon was too!! I had earned my champagne!

Before I went on my honeymoon I made sure that I had enrolled in the last 2 weeks of the 6 week course, so that I had committed to coming back (we all know how hard it is after a holiday). It was hard but I knew that as long as I kept showing up I would be pushed by Francis (and the girls) and get results.

Today, 6 months on I have lost another 3 kilos, making my total weight loss 18 kilos since I began Booty Camp.

I would still like to loose another 10 kilos and will, but understand that slow and steady wins the race! It takes hard work and commitment to get results that last. Training for me is now a lifestyle and its just part of what I do. I work out about 5 times a week and eat well (with a small chocolate here and there to reward my hard work).

I now look at photos of me even a year ago and can finally see that yes I was much bigger than I had realised BUT atleast I am now doing something about it.

I have goals in life that I cant wait to achieve. 12 months ago I didn’t have any goals, nor the motivation to want any, but I am a much different person these days and love a challenge!! – My only regret is not doing this earlier!!