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Eat Yourself Sexy

Booty Camp Gals join our courses for lots of different reasons, but one of the biggest ones is weight loss.  Some girls just want to lose 1-2kg before a big event, and there are other girls that Booty Camp have worked with to lose up to 30kg!  And one thing we have learned helping thousands of girls on the weight loss journey is we all need a bit of professional advice – that’s why we have specially designed the Eat Yourself Sexy plan for girls just like you!

There is an – almost – simple recipe to weight loss.  If you use more energy (exercise) than you put into your body (food or fuel) you will lose weight.  But we say “almost simple”, because we have found too many girls take that to mean “eat less” and that’s just not sustainable, makes us look scrawny vs healthy and frankly just isn’t much fun.  That’s why we have designed the EAT Yourself SEXY plan and not the STARVE Yourself SKINNY plan.

It’s simple really, if you keep eating the way you are eating today and start doing 2 Booty Camp classes a week, you will see a difference in your body and your weight – because you are using more energy.  But if you also make the right changes to how and what you eat then you will see much bigger and longer lasting changes to your shape and size because you are now also putting less (or less bad stuff) into your body as well.  And don’t worry if there is not a Booty Camp Class near you, following our Eat Yourself Sexy Plan will still help you with your weight loss goals as a stand alone.

So what’s different about Eat Yourself Sexy?

  1. Eat Yourself Sexy, like Booty Camp, is designed by qualified women for women like you.  Booty Camp has worked with over 17,000 girls in Australia, helping many of them on their specific weight loss journey’s.  So the Booty Camp trainers, the Booty Camp nutritionists and some Booty Camp girls brought all of that experience together to create a plan that works for your body and your lifestyle.
  2. Eat Yourself Sexy gives you all the tools you need to make an immediate and long term change –
    • a satisfying, structured but flexible eating plan for 6 weeks
    • access to a Booty Camp nutritionist for the first 6 weeks to make sure your plan is working for you (and make changes if it isn’t)
    • a support forum of other girls to share recipes, motivation or even just a gossip
    • a weekly shopping list so its just really really easy to get started on Monday
  3. Eat Yourself Sexy is designed to give you all the energy you need to maintain an active lifestyle, whilst the calories are balanced to what you really need, our focus is more on getting the mix of Carbs, Protein and Good Fats right within those calories so your body becomes a fat burning machine.
  4. Eat Yourself Sexy, like Booty Camp, will hold your hand every step of the way for 6 weeks as you establish new healthy habits (and get great results) as well as teaching you great principles and tricks that you can take forward to keep getting results, or just maintain your great new shape.

Eat Yourself Sexy can be done on its own for good results or at the same time as our Booty Camp course for amazing results.

Eat Yourself Sexy – Designed Just For You!

The 6 week eating plan, shopping lists and nutritionist support along with ongoing access to the Booty Camp support forum costs $260, with additional savings for girls already doing or about to start a Booty Camp class.  That’s less than $45 a week, and you should also see savings in your weekly shopping (and sneaky snacking) outgoings, so you will be saving and shedding!

Let us help you with your weigh loss journey today!

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