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Booty Camper of the Year 2014!

Booty Camper of the Year 2014 – Fetima

We are extremely excited and proud to introduce you all to Fetima our amazing Booty Camper of the Year 2014!

Here is Fetima’s story:

Hi my name is Fetima and I am excited to share my booty camp journey with you.

To date I have lost 32kg.  WOW when I write that I feel so proud of my achievements. Not only has my body transformed my health and fitness is better than it has ever been.  Although the weight was easily gained with the pregnancy of my second child I knew I would never be content with being a bigger girl.  I couldn’t wait to get back to training and eating clean.  I have always believed to look great you need to feel great and at my heaviest of 86kg just after birth was rather depressing for me. I have always been a size 8 so I found it hard to look in the mirror and avoided photos with my newborn because of the disappointment I felt in myself for letting my body go.  I knew I had to change as my self esteem had diminished.  I remember trying on clothes for hours just to find something I felt comfortable in.

Returning to Booty Camp when my daughter turned six months was the start of something amazing. I struggled to get my mind around the negativity initially, I was so broken and knew this wasn’t going to be easy and I guess I was scared of failing and just accepting who I had become. I decided to use the negative thoughts to my advantage to push through when I had nothing left in the tank.

Hearing often hurtful remarks like “your older now, you have two kids, you will never be able to have that tiny size 8 body back”. It made me so angry yet determined to prove I’m not done being sexy and young. I used those words to motivate myself when I was low or having an off day. I had to remind myself nothing is impossible if you really want it.

To my amazement my mind took over and hearing encouragement from my trainer Kristy who often told me “you have this, you know you can do this and you are amazing” just pushed me so much further each and every day. I wasn’t ready to let her down knowing she had faith in me and what I could achieve.

Today I look at my before and after photos and get teary knowing I did it, I did it for me, I did it for her and I continue to do it so the girls I train with so they don’t lose faith on their personal journey. They keep me going, they keep me strong. We are a team and they look to me now when they are feeling down or low.

12 months later I can’t stop taking selfies, I love what I see in the mirror because the reflection that looks back now is in such a happier place.

Like I tell anyone who asks me “how did you do it”,  its discipline and dedication, it’s being able to say no without feeling like your missing out but gaining something so much more than what that junk meal was worth. It’s coming home from training so buggered but feeling on top of the world all at the same time knowing that tomorrow you can wear what ever you want and look and feel amazing and have the energy to live life to its fullest.

Watching your body transform is so rewarding that you become addicted to exercise and eating right.

I would like to thank Kristy and the whole Booty Camp Australia team for giving me the opportunity to turn my dreams into reality and be the healthier, stronger person I am today. You don’t have to be fit to join but you do have to join to be fit.

Are you ready to see those results?

Enrol today and start the journey to a happier and healthier you!