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What Do You Do At Booty Camp?

At Booty Camp no two classes are the same – anywhere. That’s because your Personal Trainer is going to design and tailor the class for the girls training with them.

But we can of course tell you what kind of things you will be doing. Across a course you will run (or jog and walk til you run), climb(stairs, not walls), use your own body weight and the trees, benches, fences and beach around you for resistance,skip, docircuits and of course box.

Yes, we’re girls but we can also punch and kick. Boxing is one of the most effective ways to raise your heart rate, strengthen your muscles, flatten your stomach and just make you feel really, really good. So all of our Booty Camp Trainers are qualified Boxing Instructors and have a bunch of great boxing routines to build into every Booty Camp course – combined with all the other great ways ofgiving your body the work-out it deserves.

Or don’t take our word for it, read – and see – the video blogs of one group of Booty Campers on their journey. Click here to see what happens over 6 weeks at Booty Camp