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6 Weeks at Booty Camp

We’re always getting asked exactly what goes on at Booty Camp, so we asked the experts in all things girly – the team at BeautyHeaven.com.au – to come give it a whirl and tell us about (and show us) their experience

Week 1: So Far From Fit (Deb)

I almost died last week. More so of embarrassment than anything else, but still… Let me explain.

Beautyheaven have joined forces with Booty Camp (a fitness boot camp just for girls), and Nat, Liv, Carli, Laina and I have all enrolled in a six-week fitness program – the idea being to motivate ourselves to exercise regularly and get our winter-weary bodies bikini ready in time for summer. I hadn’t exercised properly in…oh…about three years, and I knew the first Booty Camp session involved a fitness evaluation, so I was a bit nervous to say the least. As it turns out, I didn’t need to be nervous, I should have been embarrassed instead – my assessment results were dismal!

I scored a zero in the flexibility test (my hamstrings are so tight I can’t even touch my toes), could only hold a squat for 20 seconds, and nearly threw up after running a mere 400 metres. I was mortified (especially when Nat and Liv held their squats for over one minute each!). But hey, I guess I can only get better from here right? There’ll be another fitness assessment at the end of the six-week course, so hopefully my results would have improved (or otherwise I’ll be really embarrassed!).

Week 2: (Carli)

Week two of Booty Camp arrived, and the aches and pains of week one (the kind that made me feel like I had actually done something good for my body) had finally subsided and I was ready for more (exercise, that is – not pain!).

Not being one to have ever fully committed to a regular exercise regime, I was surprised to find myself actually excited for training, despite the early wake-up call. And Tuesday’s session did not disappoint, with a circuit of lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, triceps dips and squats (mostly while holding weights), and a substantial amount of jogging being the order of the morning. To say I’m unfit would be an understatement, so I was pretty certain I would be passed out on the lawn after the second rotation. It was by the fourth (yes, fourth!) circuit that I began to feel my limbs get weak and shaky. But did I stop and throw in the towel? No, I kept going – partly because Yaly (our Booty Camp trainer) refused to let me quit, and partly because I knew I needed a change in my fitness routine and giving up wasn’t going to help that (or help me lose weight). So yes, I left that session a bit achy and a bit tired, but what good workout doesn’t leave you that way?

Week 3: Survival of the Fittest (Liv)

“Just picture your ex-boyfriend or something!” screamed Yaly, as she encouraged me to put some force behind my left hooks. “Come on, pretend he’s just broken up with you – over the phone!” Well, I don’t think she was ready for the punch I was to deliver her and she wobbled back and forth a little before grinning at me. “That’s much better Olivia! Woah, he must have been a real something!” So 15 minutes into week three of Booty Camp and we all felt as though it had well and truly kicked off. Between our intense boxing sessions, complete with combinations involving ducking (and Deb almost copping a swipe to the head from me when she forgot to duck eeek!) and some Mundine-style shuffling, we were beginning to look like pros.

It’s a common misconception with women that boxing will give you man-style mango muscles – when in reality, all it helps to deliver is toned arms, free from any form of ‘bingo wings.’ As long as you’re not curling 30kg a day, some light boxing will get you moving, keep your heart rate up and ensure you become a little stronger in your core – in turn making you more efficient in other exercises. Pretty cool eh? The hardest part of week three? The circuit. I can still hear Laina yelling at me to hurry up with my lap around the block because she was shaking and couldn’t hold her plank any longer (we couldn’t rotate the circuit until the person running had returned). Note to self: don’t walk in a circuit, run – or face the wrath of tired colleagues!

Week 4: (Nat)

As my alarm goes off at 5.45am I can hear the rain outside my room and cringe at the thought of this morning’s Booty Camp session. Surely it makes more sense to stay in bed instead of getting soaked and catching a cold (says the little voice in my head)?

This is week four of Booty Camp and by far the worst weather we’ve trained in but, in the words of our trainer Yaly, “in rain, hail or shine” I battled on and made my way to Bondi beach. Without smiling. Despite my moaning I’m actually surprised at how satisfied this course is making me feel and, I hate to say it, but I’m really enjoying the exercise too!

After each session I feel… well, exhausted (obviously), but also healthier and fitter. I’ve definitely noticed a difference from the first (extremely painful) session, and feel I can do more before wanting to pass out on the floor. I have to admit that I’m quite a lazy person and don’t do much exercise – mainly because I can think of a million better things to do in my spare time and always thought those people who get up every morning for a run were ever so slightly crazy – but slowly and surely I think I’m seeing the light, because on the way home from each session a little smile always appears on my face.

Week 5: (Laina)

Thanks to Booty Camp I have found my fitness calling. You would never guess it, but I’m a boxer at heart (or a bruiser, as bh’s Liv would call me). Not proper punch-in-the-head boxing (I’d probably cry if I got punched in the face), but jumping around jabbing and hooking with my fellow beautyheaven Booty Campers. This is the part I look forward to the most and what gets me up so early in the morning (that and the fact that I have the best Booty Camp attendance record out of the beautyheaven team – I haven’t missed ONE SINGLE SESSION, and I’m determined to hold that record. Rain, hail, shine, hangover – I’m up and out there!).

I am such a girly girl, so I never thought I would get such pleasure from punching those pads. But it’s such a great stress release (me? Angry? No…), and great for your cardiovascular fitness. If you’ve ever started an intense fitness regime after not having exercised for a while (like me), you’ll probably get to the point where you feel like you might throw up (also like me). So here’s what you do – don’t abruptly stop exercising, but keep moving. Walk around until the feeling wears off. Our trainer, Yaly, taught us that and it works a treat. But don’t be scared by my talk of vomit! You get over the pain and exhaustion surprisingly quickly. Before you know it you’re doing sumo squats and push-ups with ease and getting through the day with much more energy. My arms are already much more toned and I am getting pretty darn good at those tricky boxing combinations. So get out there and get your gloves on, and say goodbye to those tuck shop lady arms…

Week 6: (Deb again)

Our six weeks of Booty Camp has come to an end and, well, despite the early starts and the occasional training in the rain, I’m kind of sad that it’s all over.Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t turned in to one of those people that would forfeit a Saturday sleep-in for a run on the beach, but I have really enjoyed the feeling of getting together with a group of friends and starting my day by getting my heart-rate up and my calorie count down.

Plus, since I started, my fitness, strength and flexibility levels have seriously improved – not only can I now run laps of a park I could barely walk around, but I can also touch my toes (a big feat for very inflexible me – yippee!), and my friends and family have commented on how toned my arms look (eat your heart out Madonna!).

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