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What is Booty Camp?

Booty Camp is boot camp but just for girls. The courses are specifically designed to get you fit, get your metabolism burning faster and target the bits of your bod us girls care about - flat stomachs, shapely legs and toned arms. But we won't yell at you, that's not our style, we're not military style or weight lifters!.

And don’t start thinking you’re not fit enough. We make it our mission to get every woman fit and then fitter, and a lot of girls who join us have not been training for years (or ever). We keep our classes small (never more than 12 girls in a class) and our classes are trained by Personal, not just Group Trainers, plus we run a full fitness assessment at the start of the course. So your Booty Camp Trainer has the knowledge, the skills and the time to focus on you as an individual and help you achieve your goals.

Our classes are run outdoors in inspirational locations across Australia.  Nothing beats a breath of fresh air and a stunning view when you are telling your muscles “just one more”.  Of course training in a group means pushing yourself just that bit harder is just that easier – team spirit, especially amongst the Booty Camp Girls is unbeatable”.