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"Booty Camp Helped Me Climb A Mountain."

Sally Rhys Jones: Everest Conquerer & Booty Camper of the Year Runner-Up 2009

Training In: Chatswood
Training For: 1 year

Not only did booty camp get me fitter, more toned & up 5 levels on the beep test (Katie here, for those that don’t know the beep test, this is like going from average to recreational but good soccer player) but it pushed me all the way to Everest Base camp at 5600m in altitude!

I am a type 1 Diabetic & spent 2 years organising a group to trek to Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal to raise money to help other diabetics to get an insulin pump meaning no more injections! This also means better control of blood sugars & better health.

In my own quest for better health I got an insulin pump in early 2008 and in late 2008 I discovered Booty Camp!
Like many of our group I had a gym membership I never used and could only get to level 4 on the beep test – how was I going to get to Mount Everest!?!

Booty Camp gave me the fitness, strength & willpower to get through trekking for 18 days, 8 hours a day, almost straight up all day, up to 5550m in altitude where there wasn’t a whole lot of oxygen! Imagine stair climbs for 8 hrs straight with no oxygen & that’s what it was like! Not to mention no warm shower & nice bed to crash into at the end of the day! (We were camping)

It was an amazing, extremely challenging experience, especially with added factor of my diabetes – I have no doubt that without Booty Camp all year (which also improved my control of my blood sugars & helped me anticipate how strenuous exercise would affect them) I would have not made it to Everest Base Camp!

…as i was walking up what our Nepalese guide liked to call ‘BBH’S’ (bloody big hills), and all those rock stairs for hours on end I was secretly thanking Francis for all the squats & stair runs!

Another thing Booty camp gave me was willpower – I unfortunately got gastro for 3 days & had to continue walking, something I may not have done without the determination & willpower I had gained through Booty Camp and the encouragement of Francis & all the girls in my group who never let me forget I was doing this so I could get to Everest !

The picture is me at the peak of Kala Pathar 5550m (the highest point in the trek) which was a near vertical hike for 4 hrs which we did in 2 feet of snow and one of our group at basecamp (I am sitting on the ground in the purple beanie!)

p.s my group of 11 ended up raising $40,000! Thanks to Booty camp for the plugs in the newsletter 😉