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Booty Camp Chef

Joanna Zalm

Eating should be fun. Food should be delicious. If its boring you’re doing it wrong. If you want to get your nutrition right, you need to find something you want to live with for the rest of your life.

That’s what we believe, so we were thrilled when we realized one of our gorgeous Epping Booty Camp girls was living that mantra so hard she ended up as a finalist on Master Chef. Meet Joanna Zalm.

When Joanna is not training and raising her 2 young children she was first kicking some serious Booty in series 2 of Masterchef and now has launched her own website dedicated to healthy and seasonal eating: zalmfood. Growing up Joanna spent most of her childhood on her family’s farm.  It was the place that gave her her philosophy for food…“to keep it simple, to cook with the seasons and respect the ingredients.”

“Cooking and eating have always been one of the main passions in my life.  As a child I would learn how to cook authentic Lebanese food from my greatest mentors, my parents and late aunt.  Whenever there was a family gathering, the main focus would be food.  There was an abundance of food for all to share and that’s how my parents showed their love.  I was always that child who would pester my mother and aunts to assist with the preparation of food.  Eventually, I would get my way and have some input.
These memories take me back to where my love for food began.  It’s a major part of my life.  I live to eat not eat to live.
I am driven by my love for food, and through this website look forward to sharing my knowledge, experiences and food philosophy with you.”

Joanna will be sharing with all us Booty Campers some great healthy seasonal recipes.  You can check out her stomach rumbling website www.zalmfood.com today for some great recipe ideas until then (I will be making the Prawn and Ruby Grapefruit Salad tonight for dinner,  I don’t think the very yummy looking Vanilla and Hazelnut Cake is what my bikini needs right now sadly)