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Booty Buddies

Tamsyn & Cathy - Booty Buddies of the Year lost over 50kg between them

Jennifer, Cathy & Tamsyn – a recent photo of us at our work Christmas Party with a fellow Booty Camper Jennifer. We love training together and you can see our hard work has paid off.

In February, our work initiated a Weight Watchers at work program. We jumped at the chance to join as we were both overweight (and have been most of our adult lives). I (Tamsyn) started off at 114.6kgs and Cathy at 101kgs.

After about 4 months I had lost 19.2kgs and Cathy had lost 15kgs by doing Weight Watchers and walking together. I decided that I needed to do something different than just walking so I started researching boot camps on the internet and thankfully came across Booty Camp. I liked the fact that it was for women only, that there was only small groups for the sessions and that it was done outdoors. My first Booty Camp session was on the 29th of June and I have never looked back. Cath joined Booty Camp after me due to a slipped disc in her lumbar spine and it has been fun to work out together! Since joining Booty Camp I have lost a further 11.3kgs brining my total weight loss this year to 30.5kgs. Cathy has lost a further 10kgs bringing her total to 25kgs. I have about 15 more kilos to go, and Cathy has about 10 kilos to go but we are well on our way to our goals, and I have no doubt that participating in the Booty Camp sessions will help us reach our goals.

During the year Cathy and I have participated in the Mothers Day Classic Walk and the City2Surf which were both great achievements for us. We aim to do more Fun Runs and we hope to better our time in the City2Surf.

We would like to thank Nathan, our trainer at Castle Hill. He is very motivational and even when we really didn’t feel like training, by the end of the session we are glad that we did. He keeps the sessions moving and they are always slightly different. He has been very encouraging with our weight looses and every time we have a loss or reach a milestone there are High 5’s all round.