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Are you an ADDICT?

A strong word I know, but this is the word that is being used to describe how we consume “Sugar”.

After doing some research I would probably have to call myself a “Sugaraholic”.  Sure, I can go a day or two without it but I know that there are these crazy little sugar cubes running riot inside me.  Those crazy cubes are sending messages to my brain saying “go on, just a little bit more”.

Most of us are addicted and we don’t even realise it.  I know myself that in the past I have answered many questions relating to sugar saying things like, “I don’t use much sugar at all” and “no, I don’t have too many sweet things”.  It wasn’t until I started to do some investigation and found out exactly what foods sugar is hidden in that I realized I was in as much denial as I am when I go shopping for my new season wardrobe and spend way much more that I admit to!!

Were you aware that sugar can be hidden in the following foods; Bread, Pasta, Soy Sauce,  Baked Beans, Gravy, Corn Chips?

So, should we completely cut out all sugar?  Is that even possible?  Is it going to make me feel healthier?  Honestly, I am not sure, but I am going to give it a go.  Are you keen to join me?

So, how are we going do it?  A 5 step plan is going to be the weapon of choice.

Step 1 – Its all about Attitude

I say it to my kids all the time.  It’s all about choosing the right attitude.  Don’t look at this as though you have to give something up.  Look at this as you are going to make youself a much healthier and happier version of you!  If you need some inspiration, did you know that Australians consume around 40 teaspoons of sugar a day!  Yes, that’s usually without even thinking about it.  40 teaspoons a day.  each teaspoon is around 4g.  Based on this the total consumption of sugar for 1 year would be 14,600 teaspoons of sugar or around 58 KILOS!!!   That is my ideal body weight, WOW!

Step 2- Change your Habits

Identify the times you are more likely to consume sugar.  If you are used to eating breakfast cereals with yoghurt and fruit juice make a change to bacon and eggs or an omelet.  In the evening, if you like to relax in front of the TV and watch the latest episode of Revenge and you find yourself reach for the choccies, STOP! Make a change and have a supply of mixed nuts instead.  Habits are hard to break but we know you can do it.

Step 3 – Pantry Purge.

Clean out time!  Go through your pantry and throw away all those foods that are high in sugars.  Yes, that’s right, throw them away.  If they are not there you just cannot eat them.  Next do the same in the fridge.  Remove any temptation you have in front of you.

Step 4 – Re-stock.

Now that we have thrown away all those foods that were sitting in our cupboards and fridge tempting us every time we opened them we need to re-stock on all the foods that are going to help us stay on the band wagon.    When heading to the supermarket think about that massive number of over 58 kilos of sugar per year (the thought of it makes me feel sick) that we consume and use that to motivate you to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, meat and dairy.  Just remember to check the breads for the sugar content.  I know there is such a variety out there but as a guide, brown breads (multigrain and rye) have only minimal sugar and have twice as much fibre.  Make sure that you read these labels

Step 5 – Withdrawal.

Sugar withdrawal is different for everyone.  Some of you may find that you don’t have any problems at all kicking the habit and after a few days you may not crave sweet things at all.  To all the others out there, this may take a few weeks.  Just remember it will be worth it.  We are all going to feel so much better and those cravings will be gone!

If you have any questions relating to sugar, (I know I still have lots of questions that I am going to research) head over to our Facebook page to start the conversation.