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4 weeks until spring is knocking on our doors!

Can you believe it, only 4 weeks left until spring is knocking on our doors!  That means there is only 4 weeks left to take advantage of all the benefits this cooler weather has to offer and really start working on that spring/summer body.  Yes, you heard right winter does bring us lots of benefits when it comes to our health and fitness routines.

Yes, we know that it is harder to get up and get motivated when it is cooler outside.  We also tend to look for food in winter that isn’t always great for our waistlines.  This however is not going to help us get our bikini body.  So instead of fighting the cold why not embrace and enjoy the benefits of winter exercise at your Booty Camp sessions.

To assist with some winter motivation check out Booty Camps Top 3 tips for training in Winter:-

1. Burn Burn Burn
Think that outdoor training is not for winter? Think again! Exercising in colder weather means that you will absolutely burn way more calories and as an added benefit you will increase your metabolism. Why? Your body will burn more calories and fat in an attempt to keep warm and regulate your core temperature. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to burn more calories while they’re exercising? Time to ditch the blankets and get to your Booty Camp session for the ultimate in calorie-busting workouts!


2. Have a happy heart with outdoor exercise
You know that feeling when your heart is thumping away as you sweat it out? Well, your heart will be working even harder when you exercise outdoors in winter, trying to distribute blood throughout your body. What does this mean? In addition to building up strength in all your other muscles, your heart and lung muscles will be stronger too.


3. Necessary nutrients from the Sun.
Even though the winter sun might not pack the powerful punch you experience in the summer, it still delivers all the necessary nutrients that you need. Even in winter we still need our daily dose of vitamin D. In fact, because the daily hours of sunlight are shorter and less intense during winter, the benefits of those sunshine vitamins will feel all the more beneficial.