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10 tips to get you in shape for Summer

With only 10 weeks to go until Summer is here we thought it would be great to share 10 amazing tips to have you looking and feeling amazing

Rise and Shine – One of the best ways to start your day is to take a moment to focus your mind by stretching and intentionally breathing.  It is amazing what you can accomplish in less than 10 minutes to set your day on the right path.  Add some morning stretches to your routine to leave you feeling amazing.

Fun with friends – A study of 1000 women found that 64% of those who workout with a friend will push themselves harder that when they are alone.  Join in your Booty Camp sessions with a friend and enjoy some friendly competition.  The same study found that during an average session, women who exercise with friends burn 236 calories, compared to 195 calories for girls who go it alone.

Make a Goal – research has shown that us girls work better when we have an end goal in mind.  Make a specific goal, not an open ended one.  Many people have a goal to lose weight or get fitter, while this is an aim, it is not a goal.  Such a general goal will ultimately cause a loss of motivation.

Why don’t you try setting yourself mini targets?  If your goal is to lose weight, decide on the amount of weight you want to lose.  A realistic goal for losing weight is between 0.5 – 1kg. If your goal is to get fitter maybe you can set yourself a ‘burpee’ goal.  Set a timer for 1 minute and do as many ‘burpee’s’ as you can.  Set yourself a goal based on the number you can achieve right now, (look to double the amount within 30 days) work towards this goal.  Don’t forget to share this with your Booty Camp trainer and they will assist you with achieving your goal.

Chose your time of day – Are you a morning or afternoon person?  Be in tune with your body and chose the time of day to work out that works for you.  Don’t sign up to a morning class if you really aren’t able to commit to getting out of bed at  that time.  Booty Camp classes run in the morning and the evening for that reason.  Some of you girls just love the feeling you get of starting the day with a great workout but others may prefer to have an awesome workout at the end of day to help you work out some of those daily stresses.

Move More – make fitness a part of your everyday life.  When you are not at your favourite Booty Camp session add in some “extra” exercise throughout your day.  Walk instead of driving.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Start walking the dog more.  Take the kids to the park and join in with them (see if you can do the monkey bars as well as they can).  There are so many activities that you can do that will improve your fitness without you even knowing, and you will find yourself leading a healthier life.

Mix it up – when starting on an exercise regime, it is important to change up the routine to give your different muscles time to recover and to keep yourself from getting bored.  Exercise should cover all different areas of the body, but not always in the same session.  Booty Camp sessions include a great variety of cardio, boxing, circuits, resistance training all the time focusing on your goals.

Enjoy the summer foods – As the weeks are warming up you will notice that the fruits and veggies in your local supermarket are looking more enticing with the bright colours.  You will also notice the price of your favourite fruits and veggies coming down.  Keep your eye out for some amazing Foody Camp recipes that we will be posting on our Facebook page that will be using some of the seasonal fruits and veggies.

Sleep more – Don’t miss out on sleep!  Lack of sleep not only makes you workout less but can also have an affect on your appetite.  Sleep helps to regulate your metabolism and energy expenditure.  If we don’t get enough sleep we produce more ghrelin, a hormone that is secreted into the stomach that tells the brain that we want to keep eating, and less leptin, a hormone that tells the brain that we are full and satisfied.  Try to get at least 8 hours sleep a night.

Water, Water, Water – Our bodies are made up of between 50 and 70% water.  Did you know that we lose approximately two litres of water from our bodies per day through perspiration alone?  That needs to be replaced!  Water also helps regulate our body temperature through sweat so during the warmer months it is so important that we drink enough.  Drinking water all day can get a little boring so spice it up!  Add some fresh fruit to your next glass to keep it nice and refreshing.

10 minutes just for you – try some meditation.  Clear the mind and switch off all of the mental chatter.  Like any skill, meditation can take some practice.  Loosen up and relax , sit comfortably in a nice quiet tranquil space or listen to some relaxing music.  Concentrate on your breathing, inhale through your nose and feel the air flowing through your nostrils.  Breath in for a slow count of 1 … 2 … 3 … then exhale for a slow count of 1 … 2 …. 3  … .  Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  Thoughts will intrude but don’t fight them, when thoughts come into your mind try to bring your focus back to your breathing.