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10 steps to looking and feeling great throughout the festive season

We take you through what you need to do to maintain your figure and avoid calorie-related anxiety during the string of festive year-end celebrations

It’s that time of year again: the decorations are in the stores, holidays and parties are being planned, menus are being discussed, and you’re already starting to worry about the dreaded post-Christmas bulge. We’ve compiled a list of 10 steps to take that will help you avoid all that. Simply by following these steps, you’ll maintain your figure and not have to deal with the worry, anxiety and frustration that follows those calorie-rich holidays treats. Booty Camp will show you the way…

1. Prevent holiday treat binges before you’re tempted

Many people make the mistake of trying to ‘save’ themselves by eating less in the anticipation of a special holiday meal. This just means that you’ll be far more likely to indulge and binge when that meal comes along. Rather have 4 to 6 smaller meals each day. This also has the bonus effect of increasing your metabolic rate.

2. Curb your appetite before those Christmas parties

We all know how tempting it is when you’re faced with a decadent array of delicious holiday party goodies. The trick is to control your appetite before you get there. Research shows that your brain monitors how much you eat based on the total weight of the food that you eat. This means that before those parties you should be eating healthy ‘heavy’ foods, or foods that have a high water content. Great options include fruit, vegetables and broth-based soups.

3. Get enough beauty sleep

End of year functions mean late nights, and those usually result in puffy eyes the next morning. Try to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep this festive season. If you don’t get enough winks, you can always splash cold water on your eyes and use eye pads such as cucumber or green tea bags to keep you looking as radiant as ever.

4. Keep on exercising

Make sure that you maintain a regular exercise regime by attending Booty Camp sessions throughout the festive period. It’s particularly important to get in a good workout before a party or a celebratory meal. Your metabolism will be increased after a good workout, which means your body will be more effective at burning those extra holiday calories.



5. Run faster, but eat slower

Despite what we’ve just said about picking up the pace when it comes to exercise, the opposite is true when it comes to eating. Slow it down. Our brains take on average a whopping 20 minutes to register that we’re full. So if you’re eating quickly, you’ll eat a lot more food in those 20 minutes and consume far more calories that your body needs. If you eat slower, your brain will tell you that you’re full after less food. It’s that simple.

6. Get 90% of the pleasure of eating from only 10% of the calories

The first few mouthfuls always taste the best. It’s been proven that we get the most pleasure from eating those first few bites of yummy desserts. So instead of eating a full portion, limit yourself to two bites. This means that you will still benefit from most of the pleasure that could be derived from the calorie-rich food, but you’ve eaten a lot less in the process.

7. Focus on the health-enhancing foods

Fortunately, some holiday foods are actually quite healthy. A prime example is eating turkey at Christmas time: this is a fantastic source of protein, B vitamins, and other nutrients. Focus on eating the healthy components of any meal – but always bearing in mind that any food should be eaten in moderation. You can also consider including these healthy options in your diet throughout the year for their health benefits.

8. Modify grandma’s holiday recipes

Opting for healthy options doesn’t mean that you have to lose out on flavour. There are many ways in which traditional recipes can be modified so that they have a better nutritional value as well as flavour. For example, the oil in baking recipes can often be substituted with applesauce – it’s healthier and tastier. Just remember to try out your recipe modifications before the holiday celebrations to avoid any potential kitchen disasters.

9. Don’t be fooled – liquids contain calories.

Along with the calorie-rich holidays foods are all the holiday drinks. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the calories that you’re consuming with every glass of champagne, not to mention cocktails on your girls’ night out. To make it worse, the more your drink, the more likely it is that you will also indulge when it comes to food. Aim for moderation, and choose healthier options such as diet sodas and spritzers.

10. Avoid the snack table

It’s amazing how quickly calories can add up when you’re having a ‘few’ appetisers. All too often, people make the mistake of standing and chatting next to the table where the snacks are laid out. The temptation is there and, combined with the distractions of the party, you’ll eat far more than you realise in no time at all. Rather select one or two small healthier options and move well away from the tempting spread.


So there it is: our 10 steps to looking and feeling great throughout the festive season. Making a few easy changes can transform the potential hazards of the festive period. Share this knowledge with your Booty Camp friends and motivate each other throughout the festive season. Don’t get us wrong: have fun, have the odd small treat, but eat in moderation and up the exercise.